State Sales Tax/Transaction Privilege Tax Representation

Taxpayers who have retail businesses or subject to sales tax filings and/or transaction privilege tax "TPT" filings sometimes fall behind on their payments to the Arizona Department of Revenue or local Arizona cities and/or fall behind in their filings of the sales tax returns. At Carr Law we can assist in not only making sure you are compliant in filing your sales tax/ TPT returns by assisting in the preparation but if can't afford to pay the balance all up front at once we can assist in working out an installment agreement or even a settlement or abatement of tax and penalties with the State of Arizona Department of Revenue on the balance owed.

Additionally we can review to see if you are even required to pay sales tax and what tax rate you should be paying, based on the services you are providing or the items selling. If you have Sales Tax/ TPT tax issues with the Arizona Department of Revenue or think you may have an issue contact Carr Law today for a free consultation.


State Sales Tax/Transaction Privilege Tax Representation: